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Try something with me for a moment . . .

Imagine the gentle late afternoon sunlight of a fall day in a small town. Pickup trucks are passing through on their way home from nearby farms or ranches, and you’re walking back to your car when a pleasant little building catches your eye.

On a lark, you decide to make a stop. You aren’t exactly sure why, but the ceramic planters, greenery, and worn wooden bench that sit out front are calling to you.

As you step into the shade of the porch, you feel a refreshing breeze in your hair. The wooden floorboards shift ever so slightly under your feet and the screen door creaks as you pull it open to step inside.

Instantly, you feel a sense of calm.

You hear a warm greeting come from the counter, where a few people are gathered, sipping iced tea and discussing the upcoming show at the local music venue, Fox and Locke.

The soft color palette soothes your senses and the subtle ornamental plants, natural light, and small trickling fountain blur the lines between outside and in. You smell a light floral scent that you can’t quite place, but you can see that it comes from the flicker of a candle on a nearby table.

You hear a group of musicians chatting over their guitars as they gently pluck away, and see a wooden sign above them with the words ‘Pickers Corner’ painted on it.

A clerk, who greets you like a friend, asks if you’re just poppin’ in or if there’s anything you’re looking for today. You laugh at the surprise of it all, gesture around you with your hands, and say, “I didn’t know it, but THIS is just what I was looking for!”

Wouldn’t you love to experience that place?


It’s there for you, my friend. This is Leipers Fork, Tennessee, and will soon be our new home. A town full of warm people, with a rich history and slow pace. And it’s just what Steve and I were looking for — and we didn’t even know it.

This sense of community and inclusivity is something I think we all yearn for, whether we recognize it or not.

To me, the word community can mean so many things. I like to think of it as a symbiotic relationship between people, animals, and the land. A strong sense of community gives me a feeling of purpose and helps me find my place in the world.

This fuels so much of my work and the way I try to stay connected with you here on the blog, as well as on Instagram (both via Giannetti Home and Velvet and Linen), and my Letters From Brooke.

It’s also what’s fueling some exciting changes coming our way. We’ll be making a big announcement soon, so be sure you’re following along to find out!

In the meantime, what does community mean to you? Where do you find inspiration? Comment below and tell me!




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