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You know that feeling when everything just seems to fall into place? When every step of the way feels straightforward — even if the choices are big ones?

That’s how things have been feeling for us over the past year. A lot of big things are happening at Giannetti Home, but they all feel like the perfect pieces to a complicated puzzle. And they’re coming together perfectly!

As we plan our move to Patina Meadow in Leiper's Fork, Tennessee, we’ve enjoyed meeting our new neighbors. And when we met Aubrey and Michele Preston, it was one of those moments that felt meant to be.

The Prestons are Tennessee preservationists and owners of Fox & Locke, as well as what used to be the old General Store in town. Aubrey told us that the property was going to be available soon and our wheels started turning.

This building has been a gathering place for the community since its construction, serving as the town's general store, post office, and more recently, an antique store.

In a matter of a few months, Steve and I have created a dream together that would have probably taken us years to work out in the past.

We’re thrilled to announce the next step in our Giannetti Home journey.

Opening this fall in Leiper's Fork —

our new brick and mortar store,

Patina Home & Garden!

If you read my blog post last week about The Feeling of Belonging, you read about a dreamy little shop in Leiper's Fork — our soon-to-be new hometown.

The town and the building are there but the shop isn’t — YET! We’re getting everything ready because we plan to open in October and we can’t wait to see you in person someday.

Patina Home & Garden will be so much more than a store. We are designing a gathering place for our community to learn, connect, and create.

We’re going to offer classes, have a screened-in porch with a cold drinks cooler, and carefully selected products that mean so much to us AND the earth. The Picker’s Corner will be a reality, as local musicians come together to chat and pluck away.

I hope you feel drawn to visit the store. I hope you’ll step inside, through the creaky door, and immediately feel a sense of welcome.

I’ll be in the shop for a while each day, and Steve will be popping by, too. We’re so excited to meet you in person!

See you soon,



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Feb 17, 2023

Dear Brooke

How exciting for you all! How I wish I could pop in to have a visit. At my age (80) it is not possible to travel that far. I look forward to all the exciting things you post. Your family of humans & pets are so blessed to have you & Steve. May you continue this journey with the best of health & Peace & Love.

Jen Dall


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