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When my children were younger and we lived in the city, I felt like I was constantly on the go in both body and mind. There were always so many things to do and think about, so I would reach the end of each day feeling exhausted and anxious.

As I’ve shared with you before, the animals at Patina Farm have taught us so many lessons. In caring for them, I’ve realized how much they’ve truly helped me as well. And it was through caring for them each morning that I crafted my Morning Meditation.

In my busier years, I tried the usual mindfulness practices to slow down. I took yoga classes, practiced silent meditation, and attempted self-care. But it wasn’t until I discovered my Morning Meditation that I finally felt what I had so desperately sought after.

Steve and I are both early risers and I’ve always felt that there’s something magical about the quiet renewal of early morning. When I step outside into the farmyard, I take a deep fresh breath of crisp morning air and hear the sounds of our animal friends, awaiting their morning feeding.

It wasn’t until living at Patina Farm that I truly understood the healing power of animals. Their very presence instantly soothes me, and I’m in awe of their innate wisdom each and every day.

The fresh air, animals, and morning routine all remind me to practice presence and the touch of the animals helps keep me stay centered and calm.

It’s through my senses that I truly stay present:

I see the sunrise over the Topa Topa Mountains.

I hear the clucks and quacks of our ducks and chickens.

I feel the warm glow of the early morning sun.

I taste the fresh Patina Farm air.

I smell the fragrant roses and lavender in bloom.

Patina Farm comes alive.

Caring for our animals and our land heals my soul, and gives my morning tasks deeper meaning. I can think of no better way to start my day.You can read more about my Morning Meditation, the animals, our roses, and our way of life in our book, Patina Living.




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