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As I’ve shared our life with you over the past few years, many of you have come to treasure our animal family. So when we announced our big move to Tennessee, the question I heard the most was —

“Will you be bringing the animals?”

The answer is most definitely YES, the Giannetti Animal Family will be joining us in Leiper's Fork, Tennessee.

Image Credit: Victoria Pearson

Rest assured, however, that we have done everything we can to ensure their move is as comfortable as possible. They truly have become members of our family, so I wanted to share a little bit about what the experience will look like.


Because we want the animals’ journey to be as smooth as possible, we’ve hired a company called Brook Ledge to drive the animals across the country from Ojai to Leiper's Fork.

Image Credit: Victoria Pearson

Brook Ledge specializes in transporting extremely high-end show and racehorses, as well as other sensitive animals. After extensive research, we knew they were a perfect fit to entrust the animals with on the drive.

All the animals will be put into large air-conditioned transport trailers and will have their own stall. Each trailer will have two drivers so they can take shifts driving and sleeping. The only required stops will be for mucking out the stalls to keep the space clean for everyone and get to Tennessee as quickly as possible.

The journey will take between 24-36 hours, and when they arrive we’ll have everything set up to welcome them comfortably to their new home.

Image Credit: Victoria Pearson

We feel strongly that they will indeed love their new home. The rolling green pastures, trickling creeks, and wildflowers will all mimic the true landscape they’re meant to live in — more so than the dry landscape they’ve become accustomed to in Ojai. Our new neighbors surrounding our land all have similar animals and we know ours will thrive just as theirs do.

Patina Meadow has more grass, more water, and more space for them and I can’t wait to settle into our new home together.


Even with all of that, I’ve had my own concerns about how they’ll feel about the move. So because we’re already “those crazy animal people,” we decided to enlist the services of Laura Stinchfield, The Pet Psychic.

Laura has a unique gift in her ability to speak with animals, which I had heard about through a friend. The one missing variable I’ve felt in our well-thought-out plan has been whether or not to bring the cats along.

Our cats are all animal rescues and creatures of comfort (and leisure!).

We felt they might be best staying behind in their known habitat. But as the move got closer, I couldn’t really imagine life without them.

Laura came to Patina Farm and spoke with all four cats. Each one of them wanted to come along with us to Patina Meadow, except Bonnie.

Bonnie told Laura that she loves where she lives — and I think we can all relate to that! So many people are amazed by our choice to leave Patina Farm, and it brings up a variety of emotions for me, too.

There was no way we could leave Bonnie behind, so we asked Laura to reassure her that she would love her new home, and after hearing about her new spot, Bonnie was excited for the adventure ahead.

We’ve also prepared the transportation for the smaller animals. The cats will have their own carrier, complete with a cat hammock and access to a litter box below.

Our cats have always been outdoor cats, so when they arrive in Tennessee, we’ll also have the porch of the cabin screened in so they can get accustomed to the house for several weeks while still being outside.

Now that the socialites of our animal family know about the move, we figure they’re out in the pastures and pens spreading the word to all their friends. Which Laura feels will help them ease into the journey that much more.

I’ll be sure to share more with you as things develop, so make sure you’re signed up for Letters From Brooke to get email updates on the animals, Patina Meadow, and our new store Patina Home and Garden.



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09 Feb 2023

That is the BEST! Love to everyone!


16 Nov 2022

I LOVE this.


09 Nov 2022

So cool!

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