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I realized the other day that it has officially been over a year and a half since we opened our shop in the quaint village of Leiper's Fork, Tennessee.

Image by Lisa Romerein

At the same time, I realized something else – I have never given you a proper look around our shop! So today, I thought I would give you a peek around Patina, in case you haven't had the opportunity to visit us yet.

But before I hop into showing you around, I wanted to introduce you to a few members of the Patina Home & Garden team: Rachel, Skylar, and Leila.

Image by Lisa Romerein. Left to right: Leila, Me :), Skylar, & Rachel

If you've visited us in person, you've likely had the pleasure of meeting at least one of these lovely ladies. From hunting for beautiful items to stock our shelves to growing the produce that fills our fridges, each one of them offers so much to our shop, and I am so grateful to work with them every day.


Rachel is our shop manager and has been with us since the beginning. We truly do not know what we would do without her! From her first day, she has helped fill our space with, not only beautiful pieces but a warm & welcoming spirit. She has a keen eye for beauty and helps to create many of the displays you'll see in today's blog post.

We don't have individual portraits, so enjoy our displays haha!

Skylar is our assistant manager, as well as the woman behind our online shop. If you have ordered anything from us, Skylar has been the one who has packaged it up and ensured it arrived safely at your door. Along with running the e-commerce side of things, Skylar is always hunting for new items to share in our brick-and-mortar shop and greeting everyone with a smile.

Leila wears quite a few hats here at Patina. She heads up the marketing side of things, sending out the emails you receive weekly, posting on Instagram, and taking all the photos you see here on the blog. Basically, she ensures that you all know whats happening in the world of Patina even if you can't visit us in person. She also runs the Bloomerie at our farm and brings in the farm fresh produce and flowers you see in our Farm Shop!


When you walk into Patina Home & Garden we want you to feel like you are stepping into a world where past and present blend seamlessly. The shop is filled with a curated selection of a wide range of goods - from home decor to botanical skincare to farm fresh produce, all selected to help you curate a life you love.

While much has changed since the first day we opened our doors, our mission remains unchanged. We want to be more than a shop; we want to be a gathering space for our community.


We aim to elevate the everyday through beautiful, thoughtfully chosen items. From furniture to tableware, every piece at Patina Home & Garden is selected to bring joy and inspiration to your living space.

To us, our selection of antiques are epitome of that junction between beautiful & functional. Beyond that, they also imbue our shop with a rich sense of history, as they have gathered quite a few stories over the years!

We've also partnered with a local vintage curator, Shoppe Ada, to bring in a collection of vintage clothing to bring our love of antiques to your wardrobe.


We believe in the importance of knowing where your food comes from. By offering locally sourced, organic produce and provisions, we hope to bring you closer to nature and the bounty it provides.

Our garden supplies also give you the tools you need to grow your own produce, fostering a deeper connection with the earth.

Additionally, our range of botanical beauty products is designed to nourish your body with the purest ingredients from nature.


Beyond the physical items we sell, we want Patina Home & Garden to be a place where people come together to share stories, music, and skills. Whether it's sharing a coffee at Hank's Coffee Station in our courtyard, pickin' in the Pickers' Corner, or a workshop on sustainable living, we want to be a space that strengthens our community.

If you have visited us, thank you for coming in and sharing in the creation of this space. If you haven't had a chance to visit us yet, I hope this little look around gave you a glimpse into our world, and you will come see us soon. We look forward to welcoming you into our space, where we hope every visit feels like coming home.

If there is anything you would like to see more of here at Patina Home & Garden, let me know in the comment below. As I said, we are here for you, so I would love to hear from you.



We are making room for some new beauty in our online shop, so we are offering 10% off a few of our old favorites!

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I thoroughly enjoyed looking through this post and seeing all the wonderful things in the shop! I hope to visit soon from here in north Florida!🪴


Lovely! 🌹. Very comforting feel to the store. Congrats. Glad you made the leap to Leiper's Fork.


Beth H
Beth H
4 days ago

What a fun little store! Love it!


I’ll see you in September when I attend the Pilgrimage in nearby Franklin. Thanks for sharing all that you do. Leila I have loved seeing you thrive with your amazing talent. Love Granny Lambert


Lori Backen
Lori Backen
6 days ago

Your store and lifestyle are an inspiration on so many different levels!! Beautiful products, fabulous displays, love your daughter’s flowers and produce, lovely staff, lovely life!! ❤️ Kudos to you all for making this happen… and inspiring us all.

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