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Welcome to Patina Home & Garden, where we celebrate the beauty of living with patina and embrace the art of slow living. As the founders of this community, my husband Steve and I are passionate about helping you live your dreams where it matters most…at home. If you want to slow down and enjoy a peaceful home centered around the beauty of the natural world, then this is the place for you.

Steve is an architect and I am an interior decorator, and we began designing homes together over 30 years ago. After over a decade in fast-paced Santa Monica, we felt a calling to slow down and live a simpler life more centered around the natural world.

It was this idea that pushed us to create Patina Farm, our previous home on 5 acres in Ojai, California. For nearly 10 years we lived there, raising our animals (which includes 4 cows, 4 donkeys, 3 sheep, 4 goats, 3 pigs, 30 chickens & more), curating biodynamic gardens, and basking in the beauty of the Ojai Valley.

You can see more images of our previous home in our books, Patina Farm & Patina Living.

We thought we would grow old there, until another dream came to the forefront. After a design job brought Steve to Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee, he fell in love with the natural beauty of the rolling hills and the warm community, and after I visited, so did I. So, in October of last year we made the move across the country to begin a new journey on our new 100-acre property, Patina Meadow. We are still in the midst of constructing our dream property, so stay tuned to this blog and my Instagram, @velvetandlinen, for updates!

Since the welcoming community was one of the motivating factors to move to Leiper's Fork, we were ecstatic when we were presented with the opportunity to open up a store in the heart of the village. And so Patina Home & Garden was born.

At Patina Home & Garden, our core values revolve around three important pillars: History, Nature, and Community. We believe that each of these elements is essential to creating a home and life that not only looks beautiful but also nourishes the soul.

Community is at the heart of what we do. We believe that the homes we create are not just for us, but for the people we love and the communities we belong to. We are passionate about supporting local artisans and businesses, and creating spaces that foster connection and conversation.

The synergy between our lives and the cycles of nature inspires us each day. Because of this, we believe that the outdoors should be an extension of our homes, and that gardens should be designed to support local wildlife and promote sustainability. Our gardens are a sanctuary, a place to relax and connect with the natural world that supports us.

History is the foundation of our designs. We celebrate the beauty of patina, and believe that every object in our homes should have a story to tell. Objects that tie us to our life stories are central to what Steve and I do. Whether it's a weathered door or a vintage rug, these pieces bring a sense of warmth and authenticity to our spaces.

Through Patina Home & Garden, we hope to inspire you to embrace the beauty of imperfection and find joy in the process of curating a home and garden that reflects your unique personality and style. Thank you for joining our community, and we look forward to sharing our journey with you.



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I love your hearts & beauty you create in your surroundings. I’m always inspired by your posts and of course love your books. We’re currently redoing a lake cabin that has been in my husband’s family for 56 years and I love incorporating elements that have a history and story behind them along with adding modern conveniences & furnishings. The community is small, slow spaced, & I love walking the neighborhood in the morning with my coffee in hand and visiting with neighbors & catching a glimpse of the sparkle on the lake with fishermen catching their breakfast.

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