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Things have been changing rapidly around the Giannetti household. (That’s quite an understatement!)

We just made our big move across the country from Patina Farm to Patina Meadow. I know you are all curious, so I am happy to report that the animals did wonderfully and are settling in nicely.

Everyone is loving their new home, especially the pigs.

On top of the move, we’re preparing to open our new store, Patina Home and Garden. And we’re settling into life in our new town, Leiper’s Fork.

All this change has led us to reflect on the past, and though I’ve already shared these topics with you in different ways, we felt compelled to clearly identify three core values come up for us again and again in everything we do.

A house becomes a home from the stories and dreams of the people inside. We believe in connection and the power that comes from a comfortable place to gather.

This tree with roots signifies this central tenet of ours — the natural world that we truly could not live without. The interconnectedness of our lives with the cycles of nature keeps us inspired each day.

You’ll always find an antique Swedish clock like this in my home because I love how it represents the past while helping us keep time in the present. Objects that tie us to our life stories are central to what Steve and I do.

These three threads seem to constantly weave together in our lives. And a braid is so much stronger when woven together than three separate strands are on their own.

It took time for us to identify these three tenets. Through thirty years of designing together, we noticed several themes coming up repeatedly in our work — and lives.

Just as we did for ourselves at Patina Farm and now Patina Meadow, we love designing spaces that help other people gather with their community, honor their history, and embrace natural beauty.

Now that we’ve identified these values, I think you’ll notice them come up again and again in our work. They’ve always been there, but sometimes giving something a name or label helps give us direction in the pursuit of our dreams.

We’re incorporating the three tenets into the new store in so many different ways and I can’t wait to share more of the shop with you soon. Enter your email at the bottom of this post to subscribe to the blog and stay tuned to see how things are progressing in our new home!




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