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This fall, our new home will be outside of a charming village called Leipers Fork, Tennessee. As Steve and I travel back and forth in preparation for our upcoming move, we’ve been delighted to meet the locals and begin learning about the area. The Patina Meadow property was a huge draw for us, but the small-town life and culture feel like the perfect fit, too.

We’ve been feeling a strong pull to the tight-knit community of Leipers Fork — almost like an electronic hum. It’s as though we were destined to end up there. It just feels right, in a way that seems instinctual.

We’re enjoying building connections with the people in our new community and I want to share Leipers Fork with you because I know you’ll fall in love with it, too.

The first building that greets you as you drive into town is a century-old barn, home to David Arms’ gallery. A peaceful sanctuary away from the busyness of life, it is filled with his beautiful inspiring art, a collection of lifestyle pieces adorned with his work, and more. Outside the gallery, David has added a couple seating areas so you can sit and enjoy one of his greatest inspirations, the natural world.

Down the road, you'll find Fox & Locke, a tried and true local restaurant & live music venue that, like many places in Leipers, is rooted in small-town history. Founded in 1947, people would go to Fox & Locke for gas and groceries, but it also served as a community gathering place. Today, it's still a vital part of the village where people come to connect over good food and music. They also host a one-of-a-kind Open Mic Night every Thursday that shouldn't be missed.

Another one of my favorite spots to visit is Leiper’s Creek Gallery. Located in what once was the town’s gas station, this fine art gallery is special in every way. Gallery owner Lisa Fox has curated a wonderful collection of works from mostly local artists, featuring a wide range of styles from abstract expressionism to impressionistic landscapes. Unlike other fine art galleries I’ve encountered, Leiper’s Creek Gallery has a warmth to it, a place where you feel welcomed to take a seat and stay a while.

We’ve also had the opportunity to meet with Aubrey and Michele Preston, a local couple who are very involved in preserving the history and charm of the town. When Aubrey stumbled across the town in 1991, he saw its potential and never looked back. We’ve learned so much about the community from them and look forward to embracing the Leipers Fork lifestyle. The area has so much history that we can’t wait to learn from the Prestons and so many other locals who’ve lived there for so long.

We’ve also begun connecting with local makers and craftspeople, and had a visit from Steven Abernathy and Claire Papevies, beekeepers and owners of Greenwood Urban honey. Steven and Claire were kind enough to share some of their beekeeping expertise with us and we look forward to working with them on some hives for Patina Meadow!

Photo Credit: Hollis Bennett

Just like when we moved to Ojai, we’re looking forward to immersing ourselves in the surrounding Leipers Fork culture. As we do so, I look forward to sharing more about the wonderful people and places that drew us to this beautiful village.

The move is coming up quickly, which means we’ll be closing up our online shop for a little while. Be sure to make purchases soon, especially if you’d like one of the Patina Farm hoodies or the Patina Farm book before our big move.

Thanks for reading about our new town. I appreciate you coming along on the journey with me!



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24 mar 2023

It's stunning-- the cabin is beautiful I hope you don't modernize it too much--it's so charming. Good luck.

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