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During our early morning walks on Patina Farm, Steve and I would dream and make plans for Patina Meadow. All along, we envisioned living in the cabin for just a little while, during the building of our new home on the hill.

Now that we’re here, we’re tempted by the simplicity of living in a small 1850s-era cabin. However things turn out, I thought you might enjoy an update to see how it looks and feels now.

Patina Meadow cabin before renovation

Patina Meadow log cabin
And after! We are still a work in progress, but I am loving the way our new home is looking.

The timing of our move into the cabin on Patina Meadow couldn’t have been better. As it gets chilly outside, I feel so grateful for this charming space that keeps us cozy and warm.

Decorating is one of the ways I like to settle in and make a new space feel like ours. This time of year, I love getting a little festive by using items from nature to decorate for the season. I try to keep things simple by bringing in some bulbs or other winter greenery.

I also like to use gold decor pieces with a candle here and there to add some warmth. If you’d like to read more about how I decorate during the holiday season, read my recent design article in YOUR Williamson.

Patina Meadow log cabin entry way

I am currently burning, and loving, this Sacred Smoke candle. It's warm & cozy scent perfectly fits our log cabin. It is one of the many new items now available in our Patina Home & Garden online shop! Check out the rest of our new items here.


The cabin is over 150 years old and we wanted to honor its history during the remodel. The original log walls bring so much character to the entire space, so we knew they had to stay. We also kept the original mantel above the fireplace.

When we needed a piece to fit into the character of the cabin, we opted for antiques, like this medicine cabinet from our friends at City Farmhouse. Our faucet and sink are from Atmosphyre.

If you are looking to add some antique touches to your home, check out our selection of antiques on our Patina Home & Garden online shop. You may recognize a few of them from some images you'll see in this post!


The old cabin was one of the main reasons we fell in love with the property in the first place, and we seem to love it more and more each day. I’m enjoying the simple living of the smaller space and trying to slow down and appreciate it as much as I can. Here are a few of the changes we’ve made around the cabin.

By changing the windows just a bit, we now have so much natural light cascading into our living room. Even with the chill outside, I can feel the warmth of the sunlight when it shines directly in and warms my spot on the sofa — where I feel I could curl up for hours, like one of our cats.

The backside of the cabin is lined with new windows that let even more light in, and our sunroom is a beautiful place to watch our animals.

I love sitting in the comfort of the sunroom and watching Adelaide, Annabel, Beatrice, and Clementine graze close by.

The kitchen is perfect for us, and will be a sweet place to bake with Leila over the holiday season. And I can’t wait to cook fresh meals here with produce from our gardens that will be right outside in the spring and summer.

The bedroom has to be one of my favorite spots in the house.

I love how the light comes in now that we have made the window larger.


No one knows what the future holds, of course, and while we have certain ideas and plans for the cabin and the rest of Patina Meadow, we’re open to whatever feels right. We’re in no rush for answers and know they’ll reveal themselves in their own time.

But I do hope that our appreciation of the history and beauty of Patina Meadow will help it sustain into the future, to be enjoyed by us and others as a cozy place to gather and feel peace.

What are you doing around your home to settle in during the winter months? I’d love to hear about it, so tell me in the comments below.



57 comentarios

20 ene 2023

We say One must spend one full year in a PLACE TO UNDERSTAND ITS TRUE GIFT. Can’t wait to hear about your next season. So glad you moved to TN.

Me gusta

06 ene 2023

Love all you have done to make the cabin your new Home! It‘s a lovely setting. Where did you get the mushrooms on your table? 🍄 Love them. 🍄

Me gusta

24 dic 2022

There’s something very special about an old cabin and there is something really special about your design eye Brooke. Seeing them come together is so beautiful, quiet and serene. Thank you for sharing with all of us.

Me gusta

18 dic 2022

❣️Sublime beauty.

Me gusta

17 dic 2022

Thank you for generously sharing your life. I find your design style very beautiful and soothing. I followed Patina Farm for years and was surprised at your decision to move to TN. But I'm so enjoying your story now. I'm inspired that you are continuing to grow into your life and enormously grateful that you're sharing it here.

Me gusta
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