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With the reopening of our online store coinciding with the holiday season, I thought it was time for a Patina Home & Garden Gift Guide.

Our stores, both online and in person, mean so much more to me than products on a shelf. There’s a story behind everything we choose to place in our shop, and the stories are usually connected to one of our three core tenets. I hope this list of some of our favorites helps you understand the inspiration behind Patina Home & Garden.


We started our apparel line with our son, Charlie, when I was looking for practical clothing I could wear in the farmyard, yet quality enough for me to wear into the city for client meetings. I also wanted items that were responsibly made here in the United States by workers who are treated well. Charlie’s LA factory sources everything and we couldn’t be more proud of the honorable work he’s doing for our family-run business. Our linens won’t droop or fade, because Charlie sources high-quality fabrics designed to last. For the holidays, all our apparel is 50% off!

Brooke Giannetti and Leila Giannetti baking

This apron is the original piece of Giannetti Apparel and one of my all-time favorites. Leila and I are constantly wearing it in and out of the house to protect our clothes while we tend the animals and gardens.


We believe that a house becomes a home from the stories and dreams of the people inside. Designing a home that incorporates those stories and dreams comes from the small details that together make up the whole. I always try to incorporate details that are meaningful.

Patina Farm Animals

We treasure these incredible portraits of the Giannetti Animal Family. They’re perfect for the animal lover on your list and come in a variety of sizes. All portraits were taken by the talented Val Shaff.

Linnea Cashmere Candle

Our new Linnea 2-wick candles are responsibly made and add a gentle touch to any home. Handcrafted in small batches and available in three scents — lavender rosemary, sacred smoke, winter, and cashmere.

Vintage Sugar Dish

I love mixing history with modern design and decor, so when I saw this sweet depression-era sugar dish I knew it had to be in our shop.

Brie Baker

Patina Home and Garden Brie Dish

Elevate everyone's favorite hors d'oeuvre with this beautiful Brie Baker, complete with a spreader.


As my appreciation for mother nature has grown over the years, I’ve become especially fond of natural botanicals for my skincare. I like to honor the wisdom of our ancestors, who cherished the healing properties the earth provides. That’s why I always choose products that are natural, good for the planet, and good for us as well.

Patina Meadow Facial Oil

Crafted especially for us by our friends at EarthTonics, this facial oil uses only the best ingredients to nourish and hydrate dry skin.

Patina Meadow Facial Mist

This mist feels like a walk through Patina Meadow in Spring and is a perfect gift for any Patina Farm fans on your list. A blend of rose and lavender will refresh the skin while lightening the mood.

Toups & Co Tallow Balm

Toups and Co uses ingredients in their whole form, to help rejuvenate skin without the chemicals. Tallow balm has been around for ages as a nourishing skin treatment that soothes and repairs. It is also available in a divine Vanilla + Almond scent!

Toups & Co Soap

Gently scented by pure essential oils, this French Green Clay Soap feels fresh, luxurious, and earthy at the same time.

Patina Home & Garden Dry Brush

Dry brushing is known for its healing properties as it stimulates the release of toxins as well as reduces muscle tension. The perfect gift for someone in your life who loves health and wellness.


“Let food be thy medicine.” - Hippocrates

The healing properties of the earth astound me, and that’s why we try to offer nourishing food in the store. But for those of you a little further away, we have our new honey available online.

Patina Meadow Honey

Our bees at Patina Meadow graciously share their honey with us and we’re bringing it to you with the help of our friends at Greenwood Honey Co.

Patina Meadow Honey Jar

I’ve always loved pottery, but as Leila has developed a passion for it I find I’m drawn to it even more. We thought these sweet little honey jars paired perfectly with our new Patina Meadow Honey.


I hope this Patina Home and Garden Gift Guide has been helpful. You can find these favorites and more in our Leipers Fork store, or you can shop our new online store to find the perfect gift for someone special — including yourself!



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Dec 07, 2022

Thank you for this idea list. So grateful to see such beautiful things…and coming from someone so earth-minded, creative, and with lovely aesthetic

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