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Since moving to Tennessee, my love for holiday decor has grown. In California, the warm weather and beach breeze didn’t lend itself to the most festive feelings for me. But here, I find myself inspired to adorn my home and our store when December rolls around.

We had our annual Holiday Party at Patina Home & Garden this past weekend, and while the halls of the main space of our store were decked with our selection of Christmas decor for sale, our Farm Shop felt like it needed some holiday cheer.

While some opt for bright red bows and sparkly garland, I find myself drawn to a more natural palette and odes to the seasonal beauty of nature that is unfolding around us.

While the leaves have fallen off the deciduous trees in the forest, the evergreen species remain, standing as green beacons in a sea of grey. This year, I chose to bring this verdancy indoors and feature rosemary shrubs and evergreen wreaths.

The rosemary topiaries engage not only the eyes but also the nose, filling the air with the sweet herbal aroma. The wreath I placed on the shelves behind our counter pulled the space together by adding another level of foliage.

Nature’s influence on my decor doesn’t stop at the tree line. Inspired by the forest floor, I sprawled pine cones out along the table and placed some in pots to add some textural interest.

I also positioned some purple ornamental cabbage on the countertop. I love how the vibrant cool hue pops against the greenery around them.

For height and a sweet scent, I placed blooming paperwhite bulbs around the arrangement. Since these winter flowering beauties usually only bloom once, I add another succession of them about a week later, extending the period of their decorative allure in the space.

By focusing on natural seasonal decor, I find myself grounded in this season's restful essence, allowing my space to serve as a respite during this time of year.

I hope you enjoyed learning a bit about how I choose to decorate for the holiday season. I would love to hear how you choose to decorate for this magical time of year. Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season!




Everything is so pretty ! What are all the amber jars and bottles behind you? Is it the skincare?


Beautiful 😍 I have small grandchildren so I have lots of Santa's and red decorations. I do love red though, lol!


Beautiful! I just did the same yesterday morning :) I walked around my NJ back yard and cut greens, cedar boughs, holly berries and even found pinecones to fill my vintage pots and vases. Also - do you have a source for your check plaid shirt/jacket please? Love this!


What a refreshing take on holiday decor, thanks for the inspiration!🙏


Hope you two are enjoying Tennessee l have 3 friends who moved there now. Your new property looks beautifu!

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