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Tucked in the back corner of Patina Home & Garden, you’ll find our Patina Farm Shop, a room filled with delicious wonders.

Day to day, this wood-clad room takes on new life. On the weekdays, when the main street of Leiper’s Fork is lined more with the cars of locals than visitors, it is visited by our neighbors, picking up after-school snacks for their children or their favorite grocery items for family dinner. On the weekends, when time allows for more leisure, the room is filled with visitors from near and far, grabbing refreshments to quench their thirst as they explore our quaint village or cheese and crackers to enjoy while looking out over the creek. 

While this space is ever-evolving, one thing that remains unchanged is our commitment to providing you with delicious provisions that you can feel good about. One of the ways we ensure that we are upholding this value is by supporting local vendors who share it. So today, I wanted to highlight a few local companies whose beautiful products line our shelves and fill our bellies. 


Every Wednesday, our store is filled with the delicious smell of freshly baked bread when Maryanna Lapp of Baked and Free drops off her Organic Artisan Sourdough Loaves. She bakes each loaf on delivery day with the 3 simple ingredients — organic flour, water, and salt. Our neighbors return week after week to pick up a loaf and sing its praises!

Gardner Grove Family Farms is run by James Gardner, a self-proclaimed “Morganic” farmer, taking organic practices on his farm in Lewisburg, TN to the deepest level — carefully stewarding the soil to ensure the heirloom produce he grows is mineral-dense as nature intended. We are proud to carry his delicious farm-grown jarred goods. 

Want a natural way to support your immune system and gut health? Look no further than 11th Hour Fire Cider. Handcrafted in Nolensville, TN, each batch of this timeless remedy is packed with good-for-you ingredients like apple cider vinegar, ginger, and garlic to keep you and your family healthy all year round. 

Crafted by Franklin, TN residents Arden and Ricardo, Mindful Moon Wellness’ range of delicious organic herbal teas is expertly crafted to support your mind, body, and soul. 

Inspired by a lifelong love of BBQ, the Deltaz Rub was created by local Leiper's Fork musician Ted Siegel of the Deltaz after his time on the road led him to try the best barbeque our country has to offer. He took a little bit from all his favorites and brought them together into one seasoning to help you "make it a thrill to grill."


Located just down the road from our shop, Noble Springs is a family-owned Grade A Goat Dairy and Artisanal Goat Cheese-making operation.  Their goats are treated with the utmost respect and spend their days nibbling on the natural forages from their sprawling farm. They also host educational tours, baby goat cuddling, and concerts at their farm. What could be better?!

Made in small batches in Nashville, MayPop specializes in refreshing sparkling water made with real fruit juice. Founders Matt and Keaton have created a brand that goes beyond bubbles; one that values community interactions and supports local causes like the Cumberland River Compact. 

Baker Sage whips up her famous shortbread cookies in East Nashville and delivers them to our store for you all to enjoy, and we can’t get enough. Although she started her business in 2020, baking has been a lifelong passion of hers and one of the many ways she brings joy to those around her!

Founded by brothers Sam and Luke Walker, Walker Brothers Craft Kombucha was created to bring a non-alcoholic beverage option to the masses that would taste as nuanced and flavorful as their favorite craft beer. Their motto "A Family Culture" is a testament to their commitment and care to all those who create & love their delicious drinks.


Remedy Bone Broth is a family-owned company driven by its mission to bring the medicinal qualities of high-quality pasture-raised bone broth to your home.

While our stock may be limited at the moment due to cooler weather, as the warm days of spring and summer arrive, our freezer will be chocked full with this delicious ice cream once again. Their mighty fine ice cream starts with fresh milk and cream from grass-grazed Kentucky Cattle that are free of antibiotics, added hormones, and rBST/rBGH.



Since we opened the Patina Farm Shop, we have dreamt of having our own organically grown produce available for our community. Over the last year, Leila has been working to make that dream a reality, and we are excited to announce, that this spring, it will finally come true. We will be sharing more details about our produce in the coming months, but I couldn't help but give you a sneak peek today.

We are proud to partner with the wonderful people behind these companies to bring you all the provisions that nourish your body and spirit. Whether you have stopped in once or a hundred times, thank you for visiting and trusting us.




This is wonderful Brooke! Your own version of Daylesford Farm. And in a way I love your version better because the products come from all around your area. Supporting everyone! It has been such a pleasure to follow along the progress, and your dream coming true. Congratulations!



Congratulations on a wonderful healthy venture. Thank you for sharing all these venders goods. I hope to visit there one day. Fran


My hubby & I visited last year in April for my birthday. What a charming store & also had the pleasure of meeting you in person. Hope to come back & visit again soon! Blessings :)

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