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After living my whole life in California, I imagined that winter would be my least favorite season in our new home, a series of months that I need to grin and bear it through to get to the warmth on the other side. However, I haven’t found that to be the case.

In a surprising turn of events, I’ve come to enjoy winter, and this week was a testiment as to why.

On Monday, we got our first snow of the year. Inch after inch, it fell on the land. With construction materials obscured and crews safely in their homes, it felt like a blank canvas that we could paint with our dreams of a more peaceful future.

Serving her role as our best design partner, Mother Nature embellished the land, dusting the rooftops and carpeting the floor with a reminder of her whimsy.

Steve and I spent our days enjoying the restful reprieve and caring for our animals, who we found were much more prepared for this winter weather than we gave them credit for. While our goats and sheep stayed tucked in the barn...

...our donkeys, cows, dogs, and even the pigs, braved the elements, exploring their winter wonderland with their built-in fur coats. 

Meanwhile, in the forest, the leaves on trees that drifted to the forest floor months ago are now replaced by a dusting of snowflakes.

Beneath the branches, the snowfall covers the floor, serving as a living tapestry for all those who pass through.

It silences the noise and allows the songs and pecks of the birds to be amplified.

For a moment, I forget about the cold and immerse myself in the natural world and its wonders.

This week reminded me that winter is a time to embrace the sweetness of rest. We often move through this season not paying attention to the way that nature takes heed of this lesson. But, on snowy days, where there is nothing we can do to fight against the falling flakes that will soon bring the world to a momentary halt, we can lean in.

I am grateful to have had this time to slow down and participate in the restful nature of this season. 

I hope that you and your family were able to as well. Sending warm wishes your way. 



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