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Our move to Patina Meadow is almost here, and while we’ve been busy planning and designing our new home, I’ve also been designing our new gardens.

To get started, we’re focusing on the space surrounding the 150-year-old log cabin that will be our home for the next year while we build the main house.

The property itself already has a lot of maple trees, so we’re going to use those (as well as plant more) to create the framework of the landscape surrounding the house.

We’ll also add some boxwoods between the trees, and a few hydrangeas for pops of color and texture. The greenery will help shade the west-facing side of the house and frame room-like spaces in the garden. One of the exterior rooms will have a hot tub and cold plunge enclosed by the plants to create a little green oasis.

We’ve consulted with Andrew Beedy again to decide on a good spot for our vegetable garden, and I’ve been planning the cutting garden that will sit in the front of the house.


Steve and I like to strike a balance between chaos and structure in our garden designs, so while the larger plants and trees will create a structural framework, I’m using the front cutting garden to add a little bit of creative chaos.

When I’m designing a garden, I start by thinking about how I want to feel in the space. I’ll introduce a little disorder with different heights and textures, but I’ve decided to try planting just whites and blues to balance the chaos into a calming, beautiful space. We designed our front garden at Patina Farm with the same principles of structure and chaos.

Image by Lisa Romerein

The structure for the cutting garden will start with a blanket of white flowers that will be mixed in with their greenery. But to balance that structure, I’m adding in different flowers at varying heights and different shades of blue popping through on top.

Here’s a list of some of the flowers I’ve ordered from American Meadows:

White Ipheion

Image via Shutterstock

White Splendour Anemone

Image via Shutterstock

White Thalia Daffodils

White Mount Hood Trumpet Daffodils

Image via Shutterstock

White Prince Single Early Tulips

Image via Shutterstock

Allium Caesiums

Image via Shutterstock

I know, it’s quite the list! 😄 Thank goodness, Leila will be joining us to help with all the planting!

We’ll be living in a construction zone, so who knows how this will all pan out! But as you know, I’m a firm believer in living in the moment. So we’ll give it a try and see what happens.

That’s what I love about designing gardens. It’s all a work in progress and if it doesn’t turn out feeling the way you want it, there’s always next season.

This entire garden will be separate from the animals, so we don’t need to worry about anyone eating something they shouldn’t!

I’ll be sure to post pictures along the way, so make sure you’re following me on Instagram for updates.




Dec 17, 2022

You design such lovely gardens. This will be fun to watch. As a side note - it is interesting how often Pinterest shows your old parterre garden before Patina Farm. Keep up the good work


Tammie Powell
Tammie Powell
Dec 15, 2022

Looking forward to seeing the resulting blooms. The Thalia daffodils will not disappoint. I planted about a dozen bulbs last year in my moon garden and were thrilled with how they performed (plus, deer left them alone).

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