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As the spring season arrives, the anticipation of creating a romantic garden comes alive. My daughter, Leila, and I are gardening enthusiasts. We love spending our days outdoors planting, watering, and just enjoying the beauty of nature. Along the way, we’ve discovered some tips that we'd love to share with you so you can create a truly enchanting spring garden.

Leila and I gardening together many moons ago!

Creating a garden plan is the first step in bringing your garden dreams to life. Think about the plants that capture your heart and the perfect location for your garden beds. Consider the amount of sunlight and shade your garden receives, plant spacing (you can usually plant your plants a few inches closer than suggested on the seed packets to create more volume in your space), and the quality of your soil. This plan will be your blueprint for creating a garden that's not only visually stunning, but also sustainable and healthy.

After creating your plan, you can start to gather supplies. Depending on your space and your goals, you will need different items, but a couple things you will definitely need are soil, compost, seeds, garden tools, and a way to collect your bountiful harvest! You can find organic garden soil and compost at your local garden store, and you can find high-quality organic seeds, garden tools, and totes right here at Patina Home & Garden!

Next is Leila’s favorite part, sowing your seeds. It requires a little extra care, but the results are worth it.

To start your seeds you will need: seed starting trays (we like to use CowPots, which are made of cow manure rather than plastic seed starting trays), a high-quality organic seed starting mix, a gentle light source (or if the weather is warm enough where you are you can leave your starts outside), and of course seeds!

Follow the instructions on the seed packet for the ideal planting depth and moisture requirements. Don't forget to label your trays so you know what is what.

Tenderly plant each seed, water them, and envision the beauty it will bring to your garden as it grows.

After about 6 weeks, your starts should be ready to head outside to be planted! If you have started them indoors, before you pop them into the ground, let them sit outside for about a week in their pots to acclimate to the elements. Then, you can finally get your hands dirty and start planting! You can prepare your garden beds by cleaning up any debris, removing dead plants, and adding nutrient-rich compost to the soil. Enriching your soil will provide the foundation for your plants to flourish and create a haven of beauty in your garden.

As your garden starts to bloom, take the time to appreciate its beauty. Stroll through your garden, marvel at the colors, scents, and textures. Savor the joy of harvesting fresh vegetables or plucking a bouquet of flowers for your loved one. Embrace the romance of nature in full bloom, and let your garden be a reflection of your love for the beauty around you.

Creating a romantic spring garden is a labor of love that requires planning, care, and appreciation for nature's beauty. Starting seeds, preparing the soil, and enjoying the process of growth and blossoming will result in a garden that is not only visually captivating but also filled with love and romance. So, grab your Linen Apron, immerse yourself in the magic of spring, and create a garden that will capture your heart and inspire your soul.

What are you planting in your spring garden this year? Let me know in the comments!

Happy gardening!




Oct 30, 2023

I just hope I can muster the courage to start. That's always the hardest part.


While I am living my dream rolling full time in an Airstream, this time of year always brings me back to my Ojai garden. Tomatoes of all kinds were my favorite and heirlooms, especially, were used for summer's yummy goodness in a caprese salad; then onto autumn's batch roasted, pureed and into the freezer awaiting chilly temps when spaghetti and chili are on the menu. - OjaiLynda


Apr 21, 2023

What a wonderful pastime for you and your daughter. I'm a garden enthusiast and I love the various stages of my garden. Best to you both and to your garden, I'll look forward to seeing it later via your posts.

Karen B.

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