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When I was thinking about what I wanted to write about in this week’s blog post, I found myself considering a range of topics. An update on the Shed? Another look at the Attic? Our plans for the future? 

And while those are all topics I am excited to share with you, during my rumination, I found my gaze drifting through the back windows of the cabin to our animals. While I was fixating on projects that have yet to be finished, and days that have yet to come, they were nibbling on the grass, fixing their focus only on the next blade.

It hit me then, that in my excitement for all of the change happening, I’d forgotten to share one of the greatest loves of my life that exists now – the animals at Patina Meadow.



As I said, our animals bring so much joy. But that abundance of joy means that we inevitably find ourselves on the other side of the spectrum when they pass on. Over the past few months, we have sadly had to experience that other end as we have had to say goodbye to two members of our Patina Meadow family unexpectedly: Buttercup and Sherlock. 

Buttercup was one of the first farm animals we added to our lives. She was such a sweetheart. She would walk right up to anyone and push up close, not in a demanding way, but in a comforting one, letting her companion know they were safe by her side if they pet her and gave her a few carrots. Her sweetness and strength encouraged us to continue to grow our pack. She is dearly missed.

Arriving at Patina Farm from the city streets of Los Angeles with his brother Watson, Sherlock’s life was out of a storybook, and he was too. While he had his shy side, once he warmed up to you, he would become your shadow, climbing all over you and cuddling close. He was love incarnate and we miss him dearly.

His brother Watson is still with us, spending his days exploring the creek bed by Leila’s airstream and greeting us with his unique and wonderful meow. 

I'm sorry to start it off on a sad note, but, it didn't feel right to move forward without acknowledging the solemn reality of loss because it is a part of life just as much as the good moments.

During the difficult times, I remind myself, "It's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all."

The loss of two of our sweethearts encourages me even more to share the rest of our family with you all because I know firsthand how much comfort they can bring.

Our goats, Dot, Sammy, Ida, & Thelma are enjoying their time exploring the pastures, nibbling on the fresh grass that emerges on warmer days. 

We recently added another buddy to their menagerie. Everyone say hi to Pepper, the newest addition to our herd here.

He is such a sweet soul with beautiful blue eyes and a personality resembling one of a dog more than a goat. He is currently quarantining as he has just arrived on the farm, but we do not doubt that he will get along wonderfully with the rest of our herd. 

His arrival marks the first of many new goats we will be adding to our farm to help with brush clearance, and to add even more adorable personalities to the mix!

Our sheep, Cash, Linen, Paisley, Flannel, and Mo, have been enjoying the warmth of their wooly coats all winter.

In a few weeks, their protective layer will be sheared when warmer days arrive, but until then, they happily don their coats as they munch on the grass. 

Our three little pigs, Hank, Alice, and Prudence, head off on an adventure every morning. They meander around the pasture and wander through the forest, enjoying the delicious grubs they find along the way. 

Their lengthy galavants leave them exhausted, so they make their way back to the barn and tuck themselves in for the night far earlier than their other friends. 

With rain in the forecast, we let our donkeys, Daisy, Huckleberry, and Blossom into the pasture to seek refuge from the upcoming deluge in our three-sided shed.

Due to their propensity to eat more than their fill, we usually have to keep them on a less lush section of our land, so they take full advantage of the breaks in the rain to eat up!

Our highland fold, Beatrice, Clementine, Annabel, and Adelaide, spend their days exploring the back half of our land.

They lope through the forest and graze on the grass, but also make sure to spend a fair share of their time lying down and enjoying the warm rays of the sunshine. 

While our other animals are out and about, our pack of guard dogs relax and snooze in the sun. They patrol the property at night to keep predators away from their slumbering family, so when the sun rises and the others head out to explore in the safety of the light, they can rest. 

Bonnie and Clyde are still loving life in Tennessee. After getting stuck in a tree, Clyde has found himself practicing a bit more restraint, preferring now to hang out outside our cabin, taunting our gang of shih tzus, who love the cabin's abundance of windows. Bonnie, on the other hand, is more elusive, and as wild as ever, slinking into the forest, stalking whatever prey she prefers that day, and only returning home for dinner time. 

I am sorry that it has taken me so long to update you all on this sweet bunch. I hope that this update reminded you to appreciate the present moment and to cherish loved ones, because, at the end of the day, that is what matters.

Sending you all lots of love.



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I very much enjoy reading your blogs. My absolute favorites are the blogs with words and pictures of your furry (and feathery) companions on the farm. And I also enjoy Leila’s gardens. I’m so sorry about the loss of your two furry family members. It’s hard to lose those critters that we love and that bring us joy. Looking forward to meeting all your new goats. Thank you so much for your blogs, they are so calming in these times of chaos! :)


Susan Johnston
Susan Johnston
22 de mar.

Oh, the loss of a furry family member is just so very hard.....I found your site from watching the lovely and relaxing videos of your animals in California....please post more like them.....they are so relaxing! Love your site!😍


Patty Hatch
Patty Hatch
01 de mar.

I am so sorry for your losses. They both were so precious. Sherlock reminded me of my cat, Sunny. There is always a void left in our hearts when they pass. ( am so glad you shared pictures of your critters. I love all of them. ( like to see updates on the buildings, but the animals and Leila's gardens are my favorite.


01 de mar.

Yes, loss is part of life, especially on a farm... often heartbreaking non the less. so sorry for your recent losses. Thank You for these updates and the window you provide into this wonderful country life you're experiencing on your Farm.

Love watching and hearing about every facet of this new adventure you're on. Thanks for taking us along with you!

Press ON!😘


Loving your posts since 2000, thankful for the animal family update, tho sad… appreciate the sharing of beautiful Buttercup and sensitive Sherlock. So sorry for your loss. Gorgeous and diverse countryside for everyone to roam, eat and play. Congratulations on the transition! Loving the animals from Arizona.

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