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Although my day can take any matter of turns, it always begins the same way. 

Filmed & Edited by Leila Giannetti

Music: Song For You - Chill & Calm Acoustic Guitar Folk by Oak Studios

I pull on my boots, head out the door, and stroll to the barn to take care of our menagerie of animals. 

This routine has become second nature to me — a comforting beginning to the uncontrollable story that will unravel in the following hours.

I know that when I approach the barn, a few chickens who have also become accustomed to this routine, will eagerly await my arrival and the mealworms it brings. Bonnie and Clyde will run out to greet the morning sun before breakfast. 

The sheep, pigs, and goats will be impatiently pacing in front of the entrance to the barn, knowing what will happen when I walk in. 

The goats will head-butt each other out of the way for an extra nibble of food, the chickens will peck the wooden shelves where I have sprawled out their grubs, and the pigs will plaster their snouts to the ground in search of vegetable scraps. 

As I head out to the chicken coop, I am already imagining the birds fluttering out once I open the door. 

I know I will exhale as soon as I extend my hand to scratch our donkeys' sweet, soft faces. 

I find solace in these moments. There are not many as unchanged and cherished as these. 

What are the routines that bring peace to your day? I would love to hear them in the comments. 




I have been following you since I first found you at Patina Farm in California. I never thought of ever meeting you and visiting your store, etc. i moved to Tennessee almost 3 years ago from Washington state and then to see that you have established your new home and store near my area is just delightful! Keep up the beautiful inspirations….

Charlotte Price


The very first video of you and the animals that I watched was from Patina Farm. A morning video like this, when you walked down the steps passed all your beautiful roses and blooms, down to feed the animals. The chickens and your baby cows, as they were then, and the donkeys. It was so peaceful and relaxing watching you with them. I was hooked! I have followed your adventures ever since! Please keep up these beautiful vids feeding your animals. Absolutely wonderful!


A post with sounds of the animals and music, is like adding a cherry to the top of an ice cream Sunday. Beautiful and gives me a smile for the rest of my day. Thanks again for sharing with all of us.😍 Bonnie Schulte

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