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When we moved to Patina Farm nearly ten years ago, I knew I wanted a deeper connection to nature in every way. The surrounding landscape of the Topa Topa Mountains, the iconic oak trees that inspired so much of our design, and starting our animal family were all things I was expecting.

But you know that feeling when you don’t know what you don’t know? Those little pieces of wisdom in life that you often find by accident?

That’s how I feel about the deep connection to the plants on Patina Farm. Steve and I have always loved incorporating plants into our designs and landscapes based on their aesthetic and outward benefits. But it wasn’t until I met Daron here in Ojai that I began to learn so much more about the internal benefits of the plants — and I don’t just mean the nutrients we get from our vegetable garden.

Chamomile, loved for its soothing properties, growing in our wildflower meadow

Daron is the founder and chief skincare chef at EarthTonics and she constantly amazes me with her knowledge of how plants impact our skin and wellness. I instantly became a superfan of Daron’s botanical skincare when I began using them myself. She even came to Patina Farm and helped me harvest lavender and roses to make the Patina Farm Garden Mist last year.

The EarthTonics philosophy is to “inspire loving self-care through a communion with nature” and I believe that’s the essence of why I love the skincare line so much. We now carry the EarthTonics Discovery Travel Kit in the Giannetti Home online store, and it includes 8 of the products I use every day myself.

Daron not only knows the ancient wisdom within plants’ healing properties, but she also says, “I’ve learned to read the skin. The skin, I’ve discovered, tells a story of our health — physical, mental, emotional, and beyond. It’s a virtual feedback loop, with so much wisdom to impart.”

Each tonic is crafted with only natural ingredients like flowers, mushrooms, roots, fruits, and leaves. They contain no fillers, artificial ingredients, or ‘other nasties’ as Daron likes to say.

I only endorse products I believe in, and I couldn’t be more pleased to share Daron and EarthTonics with you. You can buy the EarthTonics Discovery Travel Kit and then let us know what you think!



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Jan 05, 2023

Bonjour, je vous remercie beaucoup pour votre blog très instructif. Je m'inspire souvent de vos idées et décors.

Cependant j'habite en France et je voulais savoir si il est possible de trouver tous vos produits et les produits de beauté par correspondance. Je m'inquiète aussi des frais de livraison.

Bien cordialement


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